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  • 1)  TravelLink - Travellers Cheques New Message    

    01 October  

    From the 1st December 2020 American Express will stop issuing Travellers Cheques.

    The last day we can accept orders through TravelLink will be 30th November 2020.

    You will still be able to sell back or cash any Travellers Cheques you may have.

    If you are happy with this change you can carry on using TravelLink as usual. If you want to cancel your TravelLink product please contact your Relationship Manager. 

    There will be no charge to cancel the product.



    2) Double check before you pay New Message    

    27 November 

    You should always check payment details before you create and approve each payment.

    Fraudsters can try to change payment details as part of a scam. If you pay the wrong sort code and account number, it’s very likely you’ll lose the money.

    You can use the Freeze Batch option to import files of payments. This will stop any changes being made after the files are imported.

    To find out more on how to protect payments please visit our Security Centre. 

    You can get more advice on how to keep your business safe on our Fraud Hub. 



    3) How to protect your browser New Message    

    27 November  

    To help keep your business safe online, it’s a good idea to keep your browser up to date.

    Microsoft will only support Internet Explorer (IE) from version 11 and up. So if you use an older version, it’s more of a risk.

    For more advice or to upgrade your browser, please visit Government Get Safe Online. 

    To check which version of IE you have, click on ‘Help’ in your browser bar and then ‘About Internet Explorer’. This will show you which version you have.

    You can find out what your system needs to use LloydsLink Online on our Security Centre.




    27 July  

    Please ensure you call the Helpdesk on 0808 202 1390 (option 2) to activate any newly received Smartcards before assigning them to your Users.


    If a card is not activated prior to assigning, the User will be unable to use the card successfully, it will become invalid and a further card will need to be assigned to your User.



    5) How to stay safe from scam calls      

    01 May   

    People can call and pretend to be from Lloyds Bank or other well-known companies. They may say there’s a problem and you need to move money to another account. This is a scam.  

    Even if a call looks like it’s from one of our numbers, we’ll never ask you to move money to another account, or for your banking details.

    If you get a call like this, it’s best to hang up the phone. Make sure the line is clear or use another phone if you need to call us.

    For more advice on how to protect your business please visit our Security Centre. 



    6) TravelLink - change to next day delivery cut off times     

    19 October   

    TravelLink service is fully available however it's been necessary to make a change to published cut off times.

    The cut off time for next day delivery will be 13:30 until further notice.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.




    07 February   

    Effective 31st March 2020, Israel will introduce new requirements on international payments sent to the country making the inclusion of the beneficiary IBAN mandatory.

    When making an international payment to Israel, please ensure you have included the full IBAN number for the beneficiary account.

    Any payments to Israel where the IBAN number is not included may be delayed or rejected by the beneficiary Bank. If you have any further questions, please contact your Relationship Manager



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     Calls to 0345 numbers will cost no more than a UK national rate call to ‘01/02’ numbers .

    0870 numbers: Calls provided by BT will be charged at up to 8 pence per minute at all times. A call set-up fee of 3 pence per call applies to calls from residential lines.

    Mobile and other providers' EUR(TM) charges may vary. Calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve our quality of service.


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