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  • 1) ESSENTIAL MAINTENANCE - 18:00 Friday 12th April New Message    

    12 April   09:45 

    Due to Essential Maintenance, the following areas of Lloydslink Online may be unavailable between 18:00 Friday 12th April and 16:00 Saturday 13th April.

    • Cash Management
    • IAIA

    Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.




    04 April   

    Friday 19 and Monday 22 April are Bank Holidays, and therefore UK non-processing days. Lloydslink Online will be available as normal through the holiday, however, certain timescales will apply for Transfers and Payments which are detailed below


    BACS Payment Value Date      Last Processing Date     
    Thu 18 April Tue 16 April
    Tue 23 April Wed 17 April
    Wed 24 April Thu 18 April


    The Helpdesk will be closed during this period. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday 23 April at 08:00.


    3) Outdated Browsers - Ensuring your browser is up to date New Message    

    12 April   

    Internet Explorer version 6, 7 and 8 are no longer supported by Microsoft. Unsupported versions no longer receive security patches and over time continued use of unsupported browsers will make you more vulnerable to cyber security threats.

    Our analysis shows that the vast majority of our clients are using supported versions of Internet Explorer with LloydsLink online. However, if you are using an older version or are unsure about this, the following pages from the Government Get Safe Online website will help you to upgrade:


    You can check which version of Internet Explorer you have by clicking on ‘Help’ and then ‘About Internet Explorer’ from your browser bar. The version will then be displayed.

    The LloydsLink online system requirements are summarised here 




    12 April  

     We never request a Challenge and Response code:

    • at login
    • over the phone or
    • by email

    If you notice anything unusual with the service, close your browser immediately and contact the LloydsLink Online Helpdesk immediately on 0345 900 2070 between 08.00 – 18.00.

    To report fraudulent payments outside of these hours, please contact our out of hours Fraud Team on 0800 917 7017 (+44 2074 812 614 from a mobile or outside the UK).

    For more information, please go to the Security Tab in the Support Centre.




    04 April   

    One of the ways fraudsters take money from your accounts is to edit your beneficiary details with their own sort code and account number. Once you authorise such a payment the funds are released to their bank account.

    The best way to prevent this is to check your beneficiary details before creating and approving each payment. This includes beneficiary details in any payment files you have imported to LloydsLink Online. Where possible they should be checked against an external source such as an invoice to verify they are correct.

    If you import files of payments to LloydsLink Online, consider implementing the ‘Freeze Batch’ option to prevent further changes being made after importing. For details on how to set-up ‘Freeze Batch’, and for more information on protecting your payments please visit our 'How do I delete a user?'  



    6) TRAVELLINK – Trinidad and Tobago Dollar Bank Notes      

    13 December  

    Travelex, the company which provides Lloyds Banking Group with foreign currency is currently unable to source Trinidad and Tobago Dollar bank notes. They are working to source alternative supplies but have advised the supply issue could last into 2019.

    For this reason we have removed it from the ‘Currencies available to Order’ list on TravelLink. Please note this is due to an external issue which is not specific to Lloyds Banking Group.

    Purchases, buy backs from clients in branches, are not affected and will continue to be accepted.



    7) The IP address for Lloydslink Online changed on 15th October  

    07 December  

    After this change most customers will be able to log on to Lloydslink Online as normal. However, some users may need to make some local IT changes to be able to access the service.

    Please pass this information to your IT teams

    Please remove any hard coded references to the IP address from your Client HostFiles and Proxy configuration, and resolve our service via DNS.

    If you are unable to log on to Lloydslink Online after the update, on Monday 15th October, please contact the Lloydslink Online Helpdesk on 0345 900 2070 (Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm), quoting REF: LOLi626  



    If you receive a request to confirm personal contact information do not respond and contact the Help Desk immediately on 0345 900 2070 (08:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday) or, if outside office hours, by e-mail to grplloydslinkhelpdesk@lloydsbanking.com 


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     Calls to 0345 numbers will cost no more than a UK national rate call to ‘01/02’ numbers .

    0870 numbers: Calls provided by BT will be charged at up to 8 pence per minute at all times. A call set-up fee of 3 pence per call applies to calls from residential lines.

    Mobile and other providers' EUR(TM) charges may vary. Calls may be monitored or recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instructions correctly and to help improve our quality of service.


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