Welcome to Long View Winter 2012 - 2013



    Across the country, I’m witnessing the changes businesses are having to quickly make in response to today’s volatile markets. Whether it’s embracing ground-breaking technologies or incorporating vigorous regulation, change is challenging us all with unprecedented speed and intensity.

    Change is dramatically influencing the way we work with businesses to finance growth, mitigate risk, manage cash flow and fund international trade. And, as Sir Tim Berners-Lee advises, “the pace of change can only increase.”

    He’s right. And what’s so encouraging is the vigour with which we see enterprises embracing change. Ruby McGregor-Smith, Chief Executive of MITIE, for example, has implemented an ambitious change strategy that’s seen revenues grow four-fold in the last decade.

    Successful businesses are invariably those that have made themselves comfortable with the dynamics of change. That applies to us here at Lloyds Bank as well.


    We’re continually seeking smarter ways to enhance our own performance and practices, so that we’ll be more able than ever to help unlock the potential of the businesses we serve.


    Our Group Chief Executive António Horta-Osório is adamant that we will lead a change in the banking model, rebuilding the public’s trust by ensuring Lloyds Bank is “dependable, prudent, safe and trustworthy”.

    We want to be known as the Bank that brings clarity, insight and certainty to this time of transformation. That ultimately defines what we stand for as we revitalise our own strategies and goals. 


    Above all, we’re in business to facilitate growth. That’s the key to the UK’s economic recovery and national prosperity in this age of change.


9/24/2020 7:47:11 PM