• A Seamless Change 



    When hospitality company Whitbread put their card processing business out to tender, the enhanced MI offered by Lloyds Bank Cardnet – with the potential to identify cost savings – made it clear they had found an ideal partner. 

    As a business that encompasses some of the UK’s most familiar and successful hospitality brands, including Premier Inn, Costa Coffee, Beefeater and Brewers Fayre, Whitbread felt that it would benefit from a new, innovative solution that would transform their business by making it easier to control day-to-day operations. They opted to use Cardnet’s ClientLine system.

    By enabling the company to run reports as and when they choose, the system has provided Whitbread with a simple to use, flexible and transparent information service, matching the business’s requirements.


    “We don’t just go in with a one size fits all offering,” Ron White, Business Development Manager at Cardnet, explains. “We try instead to match our offering to what a customer needs. It’s a crucial difference.”

    And that’s something that has certainly impressed Whitbread, according to Philippa Jamieson, Whitbread’s Senior Procurement Manager: “It’s never an easy decision to switch suppliers on such a business critical service, especially when you’ve worked with a previous provider for around 15 years. But we’ve certainly no regrets and the Cardnet team has proved very efficient in terms of processing and responsiveness.”  


    Taking control of costs

    Andrew Taylor, Relationship Manager at Cardnet, explains that the management information functionality of Cardnet is particularly important when businesses are looking to control and manage costs and funds. “The system we operate enables the customer to get a clear overview of their business and to drill down into the detail of particular sites, outlets or branches.


    “We worked with Whitbread to identify their sites that were key-entering transactions, and by doing so, the business has changed its card handling services in those locations to be more efficient.”


    The system implementation comes at an important time for Whitbread, which has ambitious plans for 2012/13 to grow its Premier Inn brand by an additional 30 hotels and its Costa Coffee chain by 350 stores globally.

    Seamless implementation

    After weeks of detailed planning, the migration of over 3,000 physical locations to Cardnet started in February 2011 and was completed within three months. “Our aim was to have no impact on Whitbread’s day-to-day business, and we achieved that with positive feedback that the change was ‘seamless’,” said Ron White, who led the migration.

    Philippa agrees: “It’s always a concern when you’re migrating processes. Even the slightest hitch can affect service levels and, in this case, not being able to process card transactions would have cost sales too. The Cardnet team worked closely with us to understand the different demands across our brands and then delivered an implementation strategy quickly at no reputational cost to the business.”  

    Risk reduction

    Lloyds Bank has continued to work with the Whitbread team, supporting new site openings and helping to reduce credit card fraud. “We have a bespoke Relationship Support team working with Whitbread to respond to operational queries and tackle fraudulent transactions,” says Andrew.


    A joint venture between Lloyds Bank and First Data, Cardnet provides card processing facilities to businesses, irrespective of size or sector, which have requirements to accept card payments in store, through websites or mail order, as well as providing essential data online.


5/31/2020 9:39:53 PM