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    We’re all chasing the secret of high performance – and we’re all finding there’s no single key to unlock it. Business itself is so richly varied that the quest for high performance changes depending on your sector and your stage of development. And that search for high performance certainly takes on even greater urgency in today’s turbulent economic conditions.


    It’s clear that, across the UK, businesses are defining their own demanding performance goals – and striving to meet them – in ways that resonate most with their long-term aspirations. Profit improvement is a typical primary goal. But most successful businesses recognise how much of a multi-layered ambition that really is: it’s fuelled by key factors like increased efficiency, skills development, technological innovation and market-leading standards of service.  It’s only a commitment to improving all these interlocking metrics that delivers the most profound and sustainable high performance.


    Of course, that requires strong leadership, whatever your sector or size. Effective leaders have more than a vision for their enterprise. They have the talent and the drive to steer their team to achieve it.


    In this issue of Long View you’ll find valuable insights about optimising those skills.  Broadcaster, journalist and author Gavin Esler argues that “only those who are compelling storytellers can be truly great leaders”. Connie Gibney, Global Leader of Talent Technology & Operations at LinkedIn, discusses the importance of creating an inspiring corporate culture.


    And it’s not just your own performance that’s under scrutiny. At Lloyds Bank we know you’re also right to demand the highest standards from your banking providers. We’re committed to match your ambition, understand your business goals and work with you to achieve them.  You’ll see this support in action throughout this issue.


    David Oldfield  

    Managing Director, SME and Mid Markets Banking 

    Lloyds Bank


9/28/2020 9:37:50 PM