• Global growth in the mix


    When you go to great lengths to source the finest natural ingredients from some of the most inhospitable corners of the world, selling the end product internationally is a logical step.

    Starting life in 2004 after co-founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow launched a quest to create the perfect tonic water, Fever-Tree has become synonymous with premium drinks mixers. Their quest has taken them to some of the world’s most remote regions to seek out specialist producers of ingredients such as quinine, fresh ginger and citrus botanicals.


    Having recently received £48m of funding from LDC’s London team, the company is clear that its future direction is equally global. “We see our international business as a key driver for growth,” asserts Tim. “We already export to 36 countries around the world, but the breadth of the spirit market means that there are many more countries ripe for expansion.”


    Initially picked up by Waitrose, pure chance saw a bottle of Fever-Tree’s tonic water fall into the hands of the head chef at renowned Spanish restaurant El Bulli. His enthusiasm opened up the Spanish market – one of the world’s largest consumers of tonic water – to Fever-Tree.


    “That was a key moment for the business,” says Tim. “We’d already found a distributor in the US, so our export strategy was given a real boost.”


    Having been awarded Best New Product in the 2008 Tales of the Cocktails awards in the US, Fever-Tree’s products are now served in some of the world’s top restaurants, and exports comprise some 75% of its sales.


    “We’ve always had a very clear vision for Fever-Tree,” agrees Charles. “By focusing on using natural ingredients and creating innovative products we’ve been able to seize opportunities in core markets and develop new ones.”


    Named Export Champion of the Year at the Growing Business Awards in 2013, the quality of Fever-Tree’s mixers has also provided a welcome boost to the spirits sector in the UK. All in all, Fever-Tree’s dedication to quality has proved just the tonic.


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