• Protecting Your Payments

    There are many features in LloydsLink online you can use to protect your business from malicious actions, these are:

    • Remove Self Approval
    • Freeze Batch /Freeze Imported Batch
    • Dual Control
    • Payment Verification

    If you choose not to implement any of the safeguards we have suggested, then your business is at a higher risk of online fraud.

    What do the options actually mean and how do I implement them?

  • When combined with the ‘Freeze Batch’ option switched on (details below), all payments need to be created/authorised by two different people (who have logged in separately) giving you an extra layer of control. This is our recommended setting for payment approvals. If you are currently using the Self Approval permission, we recommend that you review whether dual approval is more appropriate for your business.

    Within the Payment Module select ‘Administration’ → ’Customer Preferences’. Under the heading ‘Payment Management’ de-select ‘Self Approval’

    Dual Approval full 


    Once a batch has been published by a user, Freeze Batch will mean no amendments can be made so securing the payment details.

    Freeze Imported Batch stops any amendments to the batch after it's been imported into LloydsLink online.

    Within the Payment Module select ‘Administration’->’Customer Preferences’. Under the heading ‘Payment Management’ check ‘Freeze Batch’ or ‘Freeze Imported Batches’.

    Freeze Imported Batch full 


    We strongly recommend selecting Dual Control within the Administration function where appropriate.

    Dual Control Account Management ensures a minimum of two approvals for any beneficiary set-up or beneficiary changes, reducing the possibility of fraud.

    Dual Control is an important feature but not always practical for some of our clients such as sole traders.

    Within the Payment Module select ‘Administration’->’Customer Preferences’. Under the heading ‘Account Management’ check Dual Control.

    Dual Control Account Management 


    To reduce the chance of keying errors, a user must review or re-key fields before a batch can be approved.

    Within the Payment Module select ‘Administration’->’Customer Preferences’. Under the heading ‘Payment Verification’ select the payment type you want to cover under the verification e.g. CHAPS->Edit->‘Manual Verification’. Then select which fields you wish to verify.

    Payment Verification full 


    We never request a Challenge and Response code:

    • at Login
    • over the phone or by email

    The only times we request a code is to:

    • authorise a payment
    • approve certain roles as a Service Administrator

    If you receive a message advising you have been locked out and requesting another colleague logs in giving a response code DO NOT LOGIN and contact the LloydsLink online Helpdesk immediately between the hours of 08:00 – 18:00. Outside of these hours please email grplloydslinkhelpdesk@lloydsbanking.com.

    WE WILL NEVER TELEPHONE YOU TO REQUEST A CHALLENGE RESPONSE CODE.  To validate any calls from the bank about your use of LloydsLink online, please call back the standard Help Desk number using a separate telephone line from the one on which you received the call.

    If you receive a pop-up screen requesting that you use your Smartcard and Reader at an unusual or unexpected time (e.g. requesting that you verify yourself) DO NOT ENTER A RESPONSE CODE. 

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