• How to Add or Delete Accounts


    Adding or deleting accounts. 

    To add a new account or an existing company account onto your lloydslink facility you need to complete an add account form (Adding or deleting accounts) that can be found on our support centre 

    Important - Please ensure you use the correct forms (i.e. Commercial/Corporate). Incorrect forms could delay applications being processed. 

    If it is a 3rd party account that you wish to add please complete the ‘Adding third party accounts’ or ‘Third Party Authority’ form depending on your Annual company turnover. 

    Corporate = More than £25 million turnover per annum 

    Commercial = Less than £25 million turnover per annum 

    If you are still unsure, please contact your Client Manager (the Client Manager who assisted with your installation of LloydsLink online) or the LloydsLink online Helpdesk on 0345 900 2070, both of whom will be able to advise. 

    If you want to delete an account from lloydslink please complete the relevant form as stated above. 


10/28/2021 10:39:15 PM