• How do I approve, reject or edit a User's application for a service role?

    As the service administrator for your organisation, it's your responsibility to approve your colleagues access to services online.

    To view and approve (or reject) an application for a service role, click Inbox on the left hand navigation menu of the logged in home page of LloydsLink online, then select Outstanding requests. 

    You will be shown a list of pending actions. Choose the entry you wish to action by clicking on the relevant Request ID.

    For most roles, you must configure the role you wish the user to have in Step 1 – review task before you can approve it. Where displayed, click Edit. 

    A pop-up screen will display details of the request. You must configure the role that you wish the user to perform and the appropriate access rights by using the check boxes. Click Save when completed.

    A second pop-up screen will then be displayed, confirming your selection. Click Close. Repeat for any other items if required.

    Within Step 2 – Approve Tasks click on the relevant check boxes for the requests you wish to accept and click Approve. 

    You will then be asked to confirm your approval (or cancel) of the role application(s).

    If the service(s) you are approving includes any for Payments or Payment BACS, you will also need to generate a response password to authorise your action. Please note users who will be authorising payments on the Payments service will require an additional user with approval rights form to be filled out and send it to the address quoted. 

    If dual control has been chosen for the service that application will appear in the inbox of the other service administrator(s) set up by your organisation for second approval and which, if appropriate will also required a response password.

10/28/2021 10:10:16 PM