• "I am experiencing difficulties when I click Launch Payments"


    When launching the Payments module using Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or 11 , Customers may be presented with a blank screen or error message. 

    IE10 and 11 are not supported browsers for LloydsLink online. 

    This issue can be rectified by running LloydsLink online in 'Compatibility Mode'  as detailed in Steps 1 to 4

    Once amended a few customers may continue to experience issue's requiring them to re-add the site to compatibility view.

    This is caused by their IE clearing browsing history on exit.

    This can be amended by Selecting Tools- Internet Options- General Tab- Under Browsing History ensure "Delete Browsing  History On Exit", is unticked.
    To Amend compatability settings, please follow steps below: 


    Step 1 


    Navigate to the LloydsLink online Login page & right click on the main IE browser Tool Bar, and then select 'Menu bar' if not already selected, (this will activate a menu bar just below main web address bar).


    Step 2 


    Click on 'tools' –> 'Compatibility view settings'


    Step 3 


    The 'Add this website' box will be pre-populated with lloydsbank.com (if you have not done this previously). Click 'Add' to add it to the 'Websites you’ve added to the Compatibility View' section.


    Step 4 


    Close the dialog box, close your browser and then re-open your browser.


    If you are still unable to view the payments screen untick the bottom option 'use Microsoft compatibility list', 'Display internet sites in compatibility view' remains ticked.
    For further information regarding LloydsLink online technical requirements please click on the link below:
    If you have any further questions contact the helpdesk on 0345 900 2070.

10/28/2021 10:45:56 PM