• How do I add a new user?

     1. Please save this page as a favourite:
    2. Click login for existing customers.
    3. This will take you to the login page.
    4. Click on Register.
    5. Click continue (please note you do not have to enter the customer ID as it has no effect on the registration at this stage.
    6. Complete the application.
    7. Fill in mandatory information marked with *.
    8. Passwords are a minimum 6 characters with at least 1 number. Memorable information is a minimum 6 characters.
    9. The username cannot be changed and must not be above 10 characters if you intended to use the travel link service.
    10.Press submit application.
    11.Click Login to continue registration.
    12.Enter the username and the password you have just created and click login.
    13. Click service and role registration and then apply for a user role.
    14.Enter the customer ID and click continue. (If you do not have this then you need to speak to your Service Administrator).
    15.Tick the boxes for the user roles required.
    16.Click Add and then continue.
    17. Once the application has been submitted it will generate an ARN number. Please take note of this.  If the new user intends to approve payments then you need to complete the ‘Add approver’ form from the support centre. (The system will allow you to approve payments if the option is enabled but the payment will fail if no paperwork has been processed). 
    18.The Service Administrator needs to login and approve the new user within their Inbox.  If the Service Administrator is unsure on how to approve the new user then they should call the Lloydslink online Helpdesk.
10/28/2021 9:42:49 PM