• What roles can I apply for in the Cash Management service?

    There are four types of role associated with the Cash Management service:

    Cash Management user
    Those who will use the service on a day-to-day basis for viewing statements and advices and making Inter Account Transfers.
    Cash Management auditor
    For viewing the Audit Log – a record of who has used the service and what they have done.
    Cash Management account maintenance user
    Those who have the ability to specify how accounts are used within the service and which accounts are available to which users.
    Cash Management service administrator
    Will be responsible for allocating different functions/access rights to different users (users can be allocated more than one function).

    Depending on the roles associated with your personal profile, you will be presented with a different application menu detailing the functions which you have been granted access to.

10/28/2021 10:40:32 PM