• What is a role?

    Bespoke roles may be created within payments where permissions are selected individually to build the exact role required. In addition to this there are a number of set roles within the Payments system that allow the user to perform certain tasks/functions and they must each be allocated to at least one user. The roles are:

    Service administrator
    An individual responsible for the setting up of customers, user preferences and for general service upkeep and administration. There is only one officially registered service administrator (SA) but you may create as many more as you wish with identical permissions.
    A user responsible for the auditing of the Payments service for that customer. There may be one or more auditors and each has the ability to track every action other users make within the application. This allows business procedures to be monitored and problems or queries to be tracked back to an action and a user.
    Every individual registered on the Payments system is a user, although the SA and the auditor are users with a named, standard role. Users are able to perform different tasks depending on what permissions have been allocated to them by the SA.
10/28/2021 10:26:06 PM