• What is a payment batch status?

    A batch status of a payment changes as it progresses from initiation through to to completion:

    When a payment batch is being created, only the user who created this payment batch can view or edit until the batch until it is ready to be published.
    Awaiting Approval
    The payment batch is waiting for an approver to authorise the batch.
    The payment batch has been approved by a user with approver permissions and can now be sent to the bank.
    Pending Submission
    The payment batch has been sent and is on its way to the bank.
    The payment batch has been received by the bank. If the payment remains on submitted for an extended period of time please contact the LloydsLink Online Helpdesk.
    The payment is with the processing area for required action .

    If the verification option has been set, the following statuses will appear after the batch status:

    Awaiting Verification
    The payment batch has been published (verification option has been set).
    Visual verification
    Where the payment is visually scanned by the verifier to check for mistakes.
    Manual verification
    Where elements of the payment form must be re-keyed by the verifier.
    Failed Verification
    Visual verification
    The verifier disagrees with the payment details.
    Manual verification
    The fields re-keyed do not match the original.

    Note: Before a batch can be verified (if you have the verification option set), approved or submitted, the batch will need to be published. The publish function allows other users within your organisation to view the batch that has been entered. Publishing a batch can only be completed by the user who entered the batch.

10/28/2021 10:11:00 PM