• What is a Service Administrator?

    Lloyds Bank Commercial offer a range of e-banking services which can be accessed via LloydsLink online. For each service at least one service administrator must be appointed.

    A service administrator is an individual within your organisation who is responsible for the use of the service and who will approve and manage user access to the service. The service administrator is responsible for:

    • acting as the single point of contact for the service with Lloyds Bank plc
    • approving users’ access to the service
    • removing users’ access to the service
    • configuring users’ roles and access rights to the service
    • administration of users including, if required, the assigning of cards
    • if appropriate, the safe keeping on any unassigned authentication cards.

    For some services requiring higher levels of security, two administrators may be needed to provide dual control of administration options.

10/28/2021 9:41:23 PM