• What do the statement transaction codes mean?

    Below is a list of all the Transaction codes you may see within Cash Management.

    BGC Bank Giro Credit
    C/P Cashpoint
    CHG Charge
    CHQ Cheque
    COR Correction
    CR Credit
    CSH Cash
    CW Card On Counter
    D/D Direct Debit
    DIV Dividend
    DR Debit
    EUR Euro Cheque
    F/FLOW Receipt of money via CHAPS
    FPI Faster Payments Inwards
    FPO Faster Payments Outwards
    INT Interest - Credit Or Debit
    OTH Other
    P/C Payment Card
    S/O Standing Order
    SAL Salary
    TFR Transfer
10/28/2021 10:13:06 PM