• What are the available configuration options for Cash Management?

    Cash Management Account Maintenance configurations

    Create Account
    Set up a new account. Note: All new accounts must be set up by e-Operations and will automatically appear in the Account Maintenance list. This option should only be used if instructed by the Bank.
    Amend Account
    Amend details of an existing account e.g. Account name
    View Account
    View an existing account
    Print Account
    Print a copy of details of an existing account
    Delete Account
    Remove account from the display. To remove an account permanently from the service, contact the e-Operations helpdesk. Note: if you wish to continue to view historic statement data for this account, do not delete it in Account Maintenance.
    Create Group
    Create group of accounts to reflect company structure and to simplify reporting where there are high numbers of accounts
    Amend Group
    Amend an existing account group (e.g. add or remove accounts to / from the group
    Delete Group
    Delete an existing account group
    Set Account Security
    Grant users access rights to an account
    Service Options
    Configure User Access Rights and select whether new accounts should be granted / denied access to users by default

    Cash Management User configurations


    Advice Messages are additional information and confirmation messages relating to Credit and Debit transactions on you accounts
    You can receive Advice Messages for the following Payment Types
    Faster Payments Debits and Credits
    Chaps Payments Debits and Credits
    International Payments Debits and Credits
    Sundry Debits and Credits (including Cash Over Counter)
    Account Transfer Debits and Credits (Sterling Inter Account Transfer and Domestic Internal Transfer)


    Inter Account Transfers

    Prepare IAT
    Create a transfer to move funds internally between your Lloyds Bank Commercial accounts (within the same group of companies)
    Import IAT
    Import IAT data in a csv file format
    View IAT
    View existing IATs and status
    Print IAT
    Print a copy of an IAT
    Delete IAT
    Delete an IAT. Note: Deleting an IAT from the view once it has a sent status will not cancel it at the Bank. To cancel, contact e-Operations or your Client Manager
    Export IAT
    Export IATs in a csv file format
    Submit IAT
    Send IATs to the Bank for processing. Note: IATs must be sent before the cut off time (which can be found on the Support centre or in the User guide).
    IAT Service Options
    Create a break in IAT reference numbers. Note: this option should only be used on advice from the e-Operations helpdesk. Configure the system to receive a confirmation in Advices for each IAT created

    Statements and Balances

    Balance Reports
    View short and long reports for yesterday's balances
    Statement Reports
    View account statements for the previous day (Yesterday's statement)
    Current Day Statements
    View account statements for the current day (Today's statement)
    Transaction Searches
    Search for individual or groups of transactions using the Search Wizard
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