• I'm using Cash Management for the first time, what do I do?

    As either the Service Administrator or the dedicated Account Maintenance user, you will need to configure the settings for each account to be accessed online via the Cash Management service. By default:

    • accounts will be made available to Statements and Balances but not Inter Account Transfers. You will need to amend the settings for each account to enable Inter Account Transfers.
    • users will not have access to any accounts. You will therefore need to set the user parameters for each account and also the default setting for any subsequent users.
    • accounts will not be grouped in any way. However, to better manage your accounts, you may want to consider grouping them.
    • limited account details will be loaded for non-Lloyds Bank Commercial accounts.

    For further and more detailed information around the above, see our  Cash Management Guide.  

10/28/2021 8:52:34 PM