• How do I set my LloydsLink up on a network?

    Each computer that is to use the software must:
    • Have access to the drive where LloydsLink is installed and
    • Ensured that the drive is mapped to the same drive letter.
    Warning - The LloydsLink folder itself (\Llink) cannot be shared to allow access to LloydsLink.
    • If LloydsLink is to be installed to a fileserver the installation should be done from one of the workstations, not from the server itself.
    • Every computer that is to be used for Payments will require it's own Smartcard reader.
    • Every computer that is to be used for sending or receiving information from the Bank will require a modem. Third-party modem sharing software cannot be used with LloydsLink due to conflicts with the Smartcard reader.
    • The installation of LloydsLink in a network environment should only be done by personnel with knowledge of the user access rights and privileges that apply on the network.

    1. Copy the Llink folder to the route of the network drive you wish it to be installed on. 

    To locate the Llink folder:

    • Right click on your LloydsLink desktop icon on the PC that LloydsLink is currently installed on.
    • Click on Properties.
    • On the shortcut tab you will see the location next to Target.
    • It will read (Drive letter):\Llink\Win32\Llwin.exe . This Drive Letter will be where your Llink folder is currently installed. Locate and copy the Llink Folder to removable storage/Network drive as appropriate.

    2. Click into the Setup foler and then double click on Netsetup.exe 

    3. Run through the screens entering the information ensuring it is correct to the PC you are installing on. 

    4. Once this has completed LloydsLink will be set up and ready to use on this PC.

    5. To install on additional PC's, you will then need to follow steps 1-4 above on all applicable PC's. 


10/28/2021 10:53:18 PM