• How does a Service Administrator reset a User's password?

    Users can reset their Password themselves if they know their memorable information. However, if a User has locked / forgotten their Password, Username and also forgotten their memorable information, the User should contact their Service Administrator to request their password is reset.

    To reset a User's password:

    1. Click on User Administration then Search Users.
    2. Find the relevant User and click on their User ID.
    3. Click on Reset Password
    4. Confirm your request.
    5. Your request will be sent direct to the LloydsLink online Helpdesk. They will reset the password and advise the User by email or phone of their new default password. (Within 2 hours.)
    6. The User will be required to change their password when they login.
    7. It is recommended the User reviews / changes their memorable information. (Available online.)
    8. If you have issues resetting a password please contact the LloydsLink online Helpdesk on 0345 900 2070.

10/28/2021 10:16:38 PM