• How do I move my LloydsLink from one PC to another?

    1. Copy the Llink folder from the correct drive on your old pc to a removable storage device.

    To locate the Llink folder:

    • Right click on your LloydsLink desktop icon
    • Click on Properties.
    • On the shortcut tab you will see the location next to Target.
    • It will read (Drive letter):\Llink\Win32\Llwin.exe . This Drive Letter will be where your Llink folder is located.
    2. Save the Llink folder from the removable storage device to the new PC on the root of the drive you wish to install it on


    3. Double click into the Llink folder then into the Setup folder

    4. Double click on Netsetup.exe 

    5. Run through the screens entering the information ensuring it is correct to the PC you are installing on.

    6. Once this has completed LloydsLink will be set up and ready to use.

10/28/2021 9:22:10 PM