• How do I export my Dial Up data ready to import into LloydsLink Online?

    1. You will need to ensure you are running LloydsLink version 7.60 or above. You can check this by logging in to LloydsLink and clicking on Help then About LloydsLink
    1. You will also need to have the LloydsLink Data Migration Tool installed. If you do not currently have the LloydsLink Data Migration Tool available under the Manager login, you can install it by following these instructions:
    • Ensure you create a back up of your Llink folder
    • Download either latest LL104 CAB file (if running v7.60 or above) or alternatively download latest v7.72 software to upgrade from a pre v7.60 version from Support Centre
    • Run Lloydslink.exe from downloaded v772 zip file or CD and Click on Software
    • Select the drive LloydsLink is installed on
    • Click next until asked if you wish to add any other services then click YES 
    • Click next on the upgrade tab then click ok on the file path box
    • Select LloydsLink data migration and click next - this will then be installed
    • Click Exit and Exit
    1. Log into LloydsLink as Manager1 or Manager2
    2. Select LloydsLink Data Migration
    3. Click on the Beneficiary Accounts tab and select the accounts you wish to carry over
    4. Next click on the Batches tab and select the batches you wish to carry over (please note these will migrate over as Templates so you may decide not to transfer these)
    5. Click on the Template tab and click these specific templates and individually select all templates you wish to carry over.
    6. Finally click on the Export tab and select Export Details making sure you make a note of where the file is exporting to as you will need this when importing into the online service.
    7. To migrate the data into Lloydslink Online please follow the online user guide, click here to view.
10/28/2021 8:41:24 PM