• How do I assign a card to a user?


    Payment Service Administrators can assign a card to payment users only.

    Select ‘User Administration’ from down the left hand side of the screen once logged on to lloydslink.

    Press ‘search users’ and click on the ‘search user’ option on the centre of the page it will display all users within the organisation.

    Click onto the user ID of the user that needs a card assigned to their name.

    The page will display the user’s information and there will be an option half way down the centre of the page that says ‘Assign Card’
    If you select this option there will be a dropdown list next to the user name with the available cards that can be assigned to their profile.
    Select an available card and click Assign Card. You will be asked for a challenge and response code with your own card and reader.

    If the user already has a card assigned to their name and they need a new card you need to select ‘Card Admin ‘option on their profile which is displayed next to ‘Assign card’.

    This will display the current card that they have attached to their profile. To delete that card you need to tick the box below the word ‘delete’ and they press delete.

    You need to complete the challenge and response code with your card and reader and once complete click back on user details and press ‘Assign Card’

    If you have no cards available you will need to order a new card by selecting ‘Card Administration’ from the option on the left hand on lloydslink and follow the instruction

    A user can only have one card assigned to them at any one time. Once a new card has been assigned the user will need to create their own pin number between 6 and 12 characters long.
    Please note if you are setting up a new user on the system or it’s an existing user that the card is to be assigned to that approver paperwork has been completed and sent to the bank before the user approves any payments.

10/28/2021 10:06:46 PM