• How do I apply as the first administrator/register my organisation for a service?

    The first stage of registration is to create your username and password for LloydsLink Online

    Once this stage is complete you can then register for a service. In doing so, you are registering as the initial service administrator for that service on behalf of your organisation.

    To register for a service, complete the following steps:

    1. First log into the homepage for LloydsLink online, then click on the button for applying for a new service.
    2. On the following screen you'll be asked if you organisation is already registered for LloydsLink online. As a first time administrator, click No in response to this question. If your organisation already has an online service with us, click Yes and enter your organisation's Customer ID number.
    3. Enter your organisation's full name and, if applicable, your Group name. Click Continue.
    4. On the next screen you can select the services your organisation wants to apply for. You do this by checking the relevant tick boxes, and click Add. Once you're happy that you've selected the services your organisation needs, click Continue.
    5. If, in addition to your role as a service administrator, you also want to also apply for a service role - allowing you to access and carry out functions for the chosen services - check the relevant tick boxes on the following screen, and click Add. If you do not require any service roles, leave all the check boxes blank and click Continue.
    6. The last screen will confirm your request has been received and issue you with an Application Reference Number (ARN) - it's important that you write this number down as you'll need to add it to your service application forms.
    7. You must now complete an application form and review the terms and conditions; please refer to your Client Manager or Relationship Manager for support if required. These forms must be signed in accordance with the Electronic Banking clause of your existing Bank Mandate or in accordance with a specific Electronic Banking board resolution. Please ensure you include your ARN on the application(s) where requested.
    8. Post the completed application(s) to the address quoted.

    Once we've received your application form we'll process your registration and begin the steps towards getting your organisation live with the service. Depending on the service, this may include the ordering of Authentication Cards and Readers. Once we've approved your application, you will receive an email detailing your next steps.

10/28/2021 10:05:20 PM