• Can I import my custom payments file into LloydsLink?

    LloydsLink online has a standard file format for importing Payments. Details of the standard formats can be found here. 

    If your file is not compatible with any of these formats, we can offer you a Filter File Wizard. A Filter File Wizard is used to convert payment details generated from your account software package in to a format that can be transmitted and accepted by LloydsLink Online. If you wish to apply for a Filter File Wizard, please email grplloydslinkhelpdesk@lloydsbanking.com  with your requirements.

    Please Note – to enable us to create your Filter File Wizard correctly first time, please supply 2 example files, containing at least 5 beneficiaries in each file.

    For further information, call the LloydsLink Helpdesk.

10/28/2021 10:27:24 PM