• System Requirements

    For optimum performance, we recommend the following operating systems:

    • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), 8 or 10

    LloydsLink online has been tested and approved for use on the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9 (32 bit version only), 10* and 11*

    Ensure that ‘Use TLS 1.2’ is activated in your browser settings 

    *Please see notes below.

    Internet Explorer 10 and 11

    Customers who are planning to, or who have already upgraded to Windows 10, will need to use Internet Explorer version 11 to access LloydsLink Online.

    Any customers who experience issues should run LloydsLink online in "Compatibility Mode" within Internet Explorer. Steps below

    1. Ensure the LloydsLink online URL is removed as a trusted site: 

    1. Select 'Tools', then 'Internet Options'.
    2. Navigate to the 'Security' tab
    3. Select 'Trusted Sites', then click 'Sites'
    4. Click on 'Remove'

    2. Run LloydsLink online in Compatibility Mode: 

    1. Navigate to the LloydsLink online Login page and right-click on the main IE browser Tool bar and ensure 'Menu Bar' is checked (this will activate a menu bar just below the main web address bar)
    2. Click on 'Tools', then click 'Compatibility View Settings'
    3. The 'Add this website' box will be pre-populated with lloydsbank.com (if you have not done this previously)
    4. Click 'Add' to add it to the 'Websites you've added to Compatibility View' section
    5. Close and re-open browser

    3. If you still experience issues, re-add the LloydsLink online URL as a trusted site. This can be done by: 

    1. Navigate to the logon page: https://lloydslink.online.lloydsbank.com/Logon/Logon.jsp 
    2. Select 'Tools' then 'Internet Options' from the Menu Bar
    3. Navigate to the 'Security' tab
    4. Select 'Trusted Sites' then click 'Sites'
    5. Type https://*.lloydsbank.com into the text box provided
    6. Click on 'Add'

    Active X for First-Time Users

    The first time a customer accesses one of the functions of the Cash Management service, a warning screen may also be displayed advising that an Active X control needs to be downloaded to run the service.

    Simply click 'Allow' on this message and the relevant control will be downloaded. Once the control has downloaded successfully, the service will be available for use.

    Non-IE Browser Types and Non-Windows Operating Systems

    The LloydsLink online Cash Management and Payments Modules are not supported under Google Chrome and Mozilla.

    LloydsLink online requires an Active X control for the service to work which limits the platform to Microsoft enabled computers. The only solution we have at present to enable usage on an Apple Mac machine is for the user to download a Windows emulation-type software such as VMware or Parallels.

    Please note that although we can advise customers of this as a potential solution, we cannot offer technical support with installing or maintaining this type of software, or provide any guarantee that it will work. 


  • Check System

    Use this system checker to check whether your browser is one we recommend and your computer is configured correctly for use with internet banking.

    Your browser does not support JavaScript or JavaScript is turned off. 

    You will need a browser which supports JavaScript to use our services.

      Microsoft Internet Explorer 6+
      Microsoft Windows
      Javascript enabled


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