• Euroweek UK Capital Markets Report


    Once again, Lloyds Bank has sponsored the Euroweek UK Capital Markets Report focusing on the role of the UK in the global capital market.


    In this report, Euroweek speaks to the key players in the UK capital markets, including from the Treasury, Bank of England and Debt Management Office (DMO). 


    • Table of Contents

      The numbers in the Table of Contents below correspond to the page numbers in the Euroweek UK capital markets report PDF.


      02 Foreword by the Economic Secretary to The Treasury
      Sajid Javid: The UKs economic plan is working

      04 Macroeconomic Overview
      The UK economic revival: rhythm, or blues?
      08 Bank of England Profile
      Communication will define Carney era at beefed up Bank
      08 Interview with Sarah Breeden, Bank of England
      “A banking licence is a privilege – banks must remember that”

      12 London as a Financial Centre
      City faces taxing future despite fading crisis

      14 Infrastructure Financing  
      Financing UK Infrastructure: all together now...and lift

      16 Interview with Lord Deighton, Commercial Secretary to The Treasury
      Focus on delivery: putting policy into practice

      19 The Gilt Market
      Pragmatism helps DMO to extend Gilt appeal

      21 United Kingdom Debt Management Office Roundtable - 2013
      Open minded DMO aims to do right by the market

      30 Public Sector Borrowers
      Housing associations bring variety to tight public sector

      32 Non-Profit Sector
      Homes, colleges, hospitals: bonds markets finance social goods

      34 Banking Sector
      Banks balance sheet repairs begin to pay off

      37 Bank Finance
      Banks ready to reclaim their place in the markets

      39 UK Credits Roundtable
      Crisis over – now the hard work begins for UK credits

      46 Blue Chip Companies
      UK corporates awash with capital raising options

      48 Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) Roundtable
      ORB at the centre of corporate financing shift

      57 Midcaps and SMEs
      Banks are not the only fruit: firms seek new funding tools

    • Euro Week - UK Capital Markets

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