• The tabs below contain information about any forthcoming enhancements to Corporate Online and helpful Hints and Tips to help you get the best out of your online experience.

    For guidance on how to get started on Corporate Online for both System Administrators and Service Users please visit www.corporateonline.co.uk/lloyds/welcome.


    • Corporate Online (COL) sets a requirement for at least two approvers for payment authorisations by default. If you have changed your authorisation rules to single approval over time, we strongly recommend you consider reverting to dual approval. This provides increased security protection as at least two Users will need to be involved in the end to end payment process.

      Service Administrators can follow the step by step process below to make the changes. You will need to complete this separately for each payment type you use (e.g. Faster Payments, CHAPS and International Payments).

      Switching on Dual Authorisation  

      Login to COL Agreement as a Service Administrator.

      Select Authorisation tab – the Amend Authorisation Rules screen appears.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 1 

      Select the drop down menu to view all the facilities available and select the payment type to amend the Authorisation Rules.
      The following scenario is for Faster Payments only as an example. However, you would need to complete this process individually for every payment facility.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 2 

      Click Select for the facility required.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 3 

      Check the tick box in front of the 'zero' for Amount Above column, and click the Amend button.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 4 

      The Creating User Group and Other User Group fields will now be available for amendment. We recommend changing your existing rules, i.e. amending the Creating User Group field to require two authorisers. Please avoid creating new User Groups for this purpose. 

      Please note – You cannot have conflicting rules, for example if you currently have two users to authorise payments above £1,000 you will need to delete this rule before setting the Amount Above £0 to two authorisations.

      Click the Update button.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 5 

      Click the Save button.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 6 

      The eSigner window will appear to save the created rule. Click the Sign button and follow the instructions to complete the change.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 7 

      Once signed, you will be navigated back to the Amend Authorisation Rules screen to select another payment facility. Please complete the above processes for all payment facilities.

      Lloyds Dual Auth 8 


    • All Smartcards are valid for four years and the expiry date is printed in the top left hand corner of the card. The cards are not renewed automatically and your System Administrator needs to request them through Corporate Online.

      To renew a System Administrator Smartcard:
      • Login as Administrator
      • Select ‘Message’ Tab, ‘Inbox’, ‘Compose’
      • Send a message advising the requirement for a new Administrator Card
      • You will receive a response from the Bank asking you to supply delivery details for the  Smartcard and PIN
      • Once your response has been received at the Bank the card will be ordered

      To renew a User Smartcard:
      • Login as Administrator
      • Select ‘Users’ Tab
      • Select ‘Service Users’ then appropriate ‘User Group’
      • Select ‘Smartcard User’ Tab
      • Tick name of user
      • Select  ‘Amend’
      • Tick ‘order replacement card’
      • Complete required fields and ‘Save’
      • Please note this is a signing action
      • Once your request has been received the card will be ordered by the Bank

      Please ensure that replacements are requested a minimum of one week before the expiry of your current Smartcard.

    • During 2015 we sent new Smartcard Readers to all our clients who use Corporate Online (COL). 

      The new Smartcard Readers must be used exclusively by all Users when accessing COL. Failure to do this could result in fraudulent transactions being processed. 

      This page includes important information and guidance that will help you install and use the new devices. 

      Why we have done this 

      We’re constantly looking at ways to protect you against online fraud, including helping you to defend yourself from the threat of sophisticated criminal software (malware) targeting your systems.

      What  has changed?  

      The new Smartcard Readers feature an integral PIN PAD as an additional method of protection against fraud. We have also upgraded the software that supports the Smartcard Reader and Smartcard. To use the new Smartcard Readers version 4.4 of the eSigner software is required.


      Use of the new Smartcard Reader is a mandatory security requirement  in accordance with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and the COL Agreements. The full terms and conditions of the PKI agreement are available from



      Installing the devices  

      You will need to complete the following actions in the order suggested for all Users:

      The actions should be followed by all your COL Administrators and all COL Smartcard Users.

      Administration installation rights to the User’s PC may be required to ensure a successful upgrade of the software so you may need to refer to your own IT team or IT Service Provider to complete this activity. 

      1.  If you are using an alpha numeric passcode, you MUST first change this to a strong numeric only PIN of  6-8 numbers using your OLD Smartcard Reader by following the instructions below: 

      If you already use a strong numeric only PIN of 6 - 8 numbers you can choose to omit stage 1.  

      ) From the Programs list, open the Gemsafe Toolbox or Classic Client application.


      Ezio Pro 1
      b) With your card in the OLD card reader click "Card Administration" and follow links to “PIN Management” and “Change PIN” and then follow the prompted steps.

      Ezio Pro 2
      c) Enter your old PIN/ password as prompted.
      d) Enter and confirm your new PIN. You must ensure that your new PIN contains between 6 and 8 numbers only (no letters are allowed with the new Smartcard Readers).
      e) Best practice should be followed for setting a strong PIN – e.g. don’t use consecutive numbers or sequences - to ensure your new PIN is accepted.

      IMPORTANT: If you use more than one Smartcard (examples include where Users might share a Smartcard Reader or use separate Smartcards for COL and Bacstel-IP), please remember to change to an all numeric PIN number on ALL your Smartcards before installing the new software.

      2.  Update your eSigner software  

      Please install the new eSigner software using  the CD we have supplied or the download link provided by the Helpdesk.  You may need your own IT team to complete this


      3. Connecting your new Smartcard Reader 

      Once the installation is complete disconnect the old Smartcard Reader and connect the new Smartcard Reader. Please use the new Smartcard Reader when carrying out any signing actions on your PC when accessing Corporate Online from this point onwards. You must now use the numeric PIN PAD on the new Smartcard Reader to enter your new numeric PIN when requested.
       Ezio Pro 3 

       Ezio Pro 5 


      An Important message for Clients who use Smartcards to access other services  

      If you use Smartcards and Smartcard Readers for other services, please log onto these to ensure you can still access these services with your new all numeric PIN.  Some versions of  third party software in use with other  services may not accept an all numeric PIN. If this impacts you, you will need to retain the old Smartcard Reader and alpha numeric PIN/ Password for accessing these external services only. If you are required to use a non PIN PAD Smartcard Reader for other services please ensure you use only the PIN PAD reader you have received from us for Corporate Online.


      4.  Disposing of old Smartcard Readers   

      Its very important that old Smartcard Readers are not retained in drawers or cupboards where they might inadvertently be used. Our original letter asked you to return your old readers to us and included a pack for you to do this. If you have already returned your old Smartcard Readers, thank you. If you still have any old style devices retained, please now destroy and dispose of these in line with your local environmental policies for small electronic devices.


      Security good practice 

      Using the new Smartcard Reader will provide an additional method of protection for you on COL. However it is essential that you also continue to follow security good practice guidelines, including:

      • ensuring that anti-virus software and firewalls are kept fully up to date and include anti-malware functionality, only inserting your Smartcard to the Smartcard Reader when it is actually needed to sign an action and removing it once your session is complete.
      • beware of screen pop-ups that ask you to log on as another user; perform a software update or download new software; or enter you Smartcard PIN.
      • being vigilant in looking for anything unusual when using the online banking services and reporting any unusual activity or messages to us.
      • when approving payments always check the beneficiary sort code and account number are correct.
      • ensure that all staff members involved in using the facility and the payments process are aware of the fraud risks.

      We strongly recommend that you change your User and payment authorisation rules to ensure that all payments have to be authorised by two separate Users. Your System Administrator can amend the permissions on the service to enable this.

      More on how to stay secure online is available from the following website - https://www.getsafeonline.org and from on our own security centre website www.corporateonline.co.uk/lbg/col-support/security    

      Additional Assistance 

      Should you require any further assistance with your new Smartcard Reader please call the Corporate Online Helpdesk on 0808 202 1390†. The Helpdesk is available Monday to Friday 08:00 - 18:00.

       † Calls may be monitored or recorded.

    • Bank holidays will impact the processing dates. Refer to the table below for processing dates for Bacs payments.

      Bacs payment value date Last transaction date
      4th May 2021 29th Apr 2021
      5th May 2021 30th Apr 2021
      6th May 2021 4th May 2021 (as normal)

       The Helpdesk will be closed on Monday 3rd May.

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