• Welcome to the 7th edition of Transact magazine from the Acquisition Finance team. This edition features market insight and opinion from our Acquisition Finance team, Mid-Markets team, Chief Economist Trevor Williams and private equity industry veteran Ian Armitage.

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    • Welcome


      - 29/01/2013

      Ian Brown, Head of Acquisition Finance, reflects on 2012 and key deals

    • Industry viewpoint

      Industry viewpoint

      - 29/01/2013

      Ian Armitage, Chairman of LPEQ, explains why his outlook on the private equity market is positive

    • Fuelling the uk's economic engine room

      Fuelling the uk's economic engine room

      - 29/01/2013

      Mark Stokes, Managing Director, Mid-Markets gives his opinion on how the role of private equity and trusted banking partners are key to supporting UK businesses

    • Turning tide

      Turning tide

      - 29/01/2013

      Jimmy Williamson, Director, Acquisition Finance, explains why he sees a sustainable growth in the oil and gas services industry

    • Economic outlook

      Economic outlook

      - 29/01/2013

      Trevor Williams, Chief Economist, gives us his views on the UK's economic outlook for 2013

    • Building our high yield bond proposition

      Building our high yield bond proposition

      - 29/01/2013

      Carlo Fontana, Head of High Yield explains how the high yield and leveraged debt capital markets support private equity

    • Acquisition finance in the community

      Acquisition finance in the community

      - 29/01/2013

      Joëlle Antmann, Director, Acquisition Finance treks to Everest Base Camp in support of a host of charities

    • London 2012 olympic games

      London 2012 olympic games

      - 29/01/2013

      Lloyds Bank supports the greatest show on Earth

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