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    David Richardson, Regional Managing Director, Midlands, East and South West  


    Innovation is the hallmark of the best of Britain’s medium-sized businesses. “We want to help mid-sized companies realise just how good they really are,” says Lloyds Bank’s DAVID RICHARDSON.


    “These are the companies that power the real engine-room of UK plc,” declares DAVID RICHARDSON. “They’re the enterprises most likely to lead the UK’s economic recovery.”


    These £15m-£100m turnover medium-sized businesses (MSBs), he explains, are the focus of the Growth Champions campaign, launched by Lloyds Bank to raise awareness of the unlocked potential that exists in this sector.


    Our ambition is to help MSBs realise their full potential as businesses which consistently punch above their weight: the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) believes that, with the right support policies, they could generate up to £50bn more for the UK by 2020.

    As Lloyds Bank’s Regional Managing Director for Midlands, East and South West, David wants to help these Growth Champions expand their professional networks and broaden their skills base.


    “What makes this campaign so important and challenging,” he says, “is the sheer variety within the MSB business arena. It reaches across so many of the country’s most promising sectors, including manufacturing where mid-sized firms represent almost a third of our strength. As a single sector, it’s certainly a big beast!”

    A high priority is being given to increasing opportunities abroad. “Access to national and international expertise and insight is rapid and rewarding,” says David. “And the truth is that, despite current economic challenges, the opportunities for medium-sized businesses to trade internationally are so much greater today than they were ten years ago. Many MSBs are grasping those opportunities. Others, we’re fully aware, simply need some practical and strategic support to help them realise their potential.”

    As the bank with historically one of the largest domestic networks of 24 regional offices and extensive network of banking partners in key overseas markets, Lloyds Bank is well placed to mobilise its comprehensive suite of funding and foreign trading support skills, as well as its expert market and economic intelligence to help local firms exploit opportunities at home and abroad.


    Management strength, thinks David, is the hallmark of the best MSBs. They also tend to be design and innovation led with international ambition.Their key requirement is to be sure that their own strengths are matched by a rich supporting mix of professional partnerships – bankers, accountants, lawyers and, often, key non-executive directors to devise and carry through well-considered business plans. He’s surprised MSBs don’t enjoy more of the media limelight.


    “We want to help them realise just how good they really are and how much potential is out there beyond what they might now regard as their regular markets. It’s all about devising solutions to help them achieve their ambitions and thrive.


    “Relationships, not transactions, are at the heart of our banking role as advocate to our MSB customers. That's what drives our business partnerships. That’s what we aspire to – a relationship where we’re the first and last person our customers turn to.”

5/31/2020 7:40:17 PM