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    With Baseline Review, Lloyds Bank is offering Finance Directors and Treasurers a new way to manage today’s turbulent marketplace conditions. ANDY LYONS is sure they’ll be excited.


    “What we’re giving customers,” declares Andy Lyons, Head of Key Segments, Transaction Banking at Lloyds Bank, “is a total end-to-end transaction banking experience.”


    Andy’s team at Lloyds Bank are mobilised to offer the UK’s corporate Financial Directors and Treasurers some “very quick, very easy routes to enhance their cash flow efficiency and risk management” through the newly-launched Baseline Reviews.


    Offered at no cost, the Baseline Review allows the Bank’s front-line team to help existing and potential customers look beyond the immediate mechanics of volume payables and receivables and examine the deep potential for saving and streamlining across their entire operational and liquidity structures.


    “This is a wide-angled review,” explains Andy. “It will drill into all areas of their operational cash management relationship – extending in to complementary areas such as trade finance, card issuance and card acquiring – to give a comprehensive overview of efficiency opportunities in their transaction banking processes.


    “It’s our invitation to understand their end-to-end cash flows. We’re keen to ensure we’re driving real value with solutions to issues which we know are all too often built into legacy account structures, platforms and processes.”


    It’s not onerous, he insists: “A cash management and payments review should take no more than 20 minutes. And for those with more complex operations, we’re mobilising specialist teams to guide our customers through these processes.


    “Once we have listened and understood their current structure, operational processes and challenges, we will be able to provide a ‘best practice’ approach as to how they could realise  operational and financial efficiencies through value adding services being introduced.”


    For UK players in the European arena, for example, Baseline Review will assess the potential of market-leading e-tools to facilitate payments through SEPA direct debit and credit transfer channels. And, for those operating sterling and dollar accounts outside the UK, they’ll identify how to optimise FX efficiencies – as well as defining ways to navigate the regulatory and documentation complexities in various liquidity management structures.


    "There’s huge potential,” claims Andy, “particularly for those companies whose banking relationships haven’t been reviewed for a number of years, who’ve received little or no support and have simply been left to their own devices. This has often led to corporates operating inefficient account structures which has then determined how they manage their day-to-day payment flows as well as their operational and surplus liquidity positions."


    "It’s imperative for corporates to have an accurate understanding of their liquidity positions, as well as the potential knock-on consequences of their overall risk management policies. In today’s volatile conditions, accuracy has become pivotal – not just what their positions are right now, but being able to anticipate their positions tomorrow and in a week’s time. This will ultimately deliver an improvement in their risk management processes."


    “Those have been the key drivers over the last couple of years. Against that background, we’re sure these Baseline Reviews are a fantastic opportunity for any business looking for the most efficient way to manage the pressures of today’s economic conditions.”

9/28/2020 10:41:23 PM