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    As a ‘virtual manufacturer’, Aura Metals manufactures, trades and markets metal products, sourcing from a unique network of global suppliers and associates. It’s a successful model, thanks to the team’s market acumen,but brings a particular set of challenges.


    With its roots in traditional manufacturing, Aura Metals has evolved to make the most of global opportunities and shifting industry dynamics, explains Director Anders Axson. “Aura Metals was founded in 2001 by a team with a solid background in ‘actual’ rather than ‘virtual’ manufacturing, worldwide. We draw on our collective sector and local market knowledge and  contacts, and bring value to customers through our geographical footprint.”

    Aura Metals operates on every continent, ‘virtually’ sourcing from a network of selected suppliers that consists of manufacturing associates, joint-ownership works and licensed producers. Strong partnerships afford what Anders describes as “complete quality confidence.” The business is very diverse. “We see great examples of world trade,” says Anders. “We’ve procured metal in Slovakia which was shipped to China to be transformed into a piece of sculpture by well-respected artist, Peter Woytuk. That piece is now a permanent feature in New York.


    “That’s a fascinating process,” he adds, “but of course art isn’t a primary market. The construction, automotive and electronics industries are our three big consumers.”



    To enable Aura Metals to make the most of global opportunities, Lloyds Bank has provided a $5m facility with the flexibility and scope to support multiple transactions in multiple overseas regions, with minimal exposure to risk.


    The firm also maintains a sharp focus on local markets and currency movements to effectively mitigate risk, and is, Anders says, “perfectly hedged, to the nearest freight invoice."


    Arena, Lloyds Bank’s e-trading platform, has also proved to be a useful tool for trading currency pairs and establishing forward rates. And the Bank also helped to establish a viable hedging strategy for Korean won, enabling Aura to invoice Korean customers in their home currency. “It’s the difference between being able to make a profit and not,” says Anders.


    Aura Metals continues to grow in international markets. With its primary focus on trade in copper-based ingot, two key initiatives are currently underway in China, and in South Korea – the latter fuelled by the announcement of a free trade agreement with Europe.


    “We’re risk averse, but with a keen eye on new opportunities,” says Anders. “We anticipate growth in these ‘hot spots’, as well as in Europe.”

9/28/2020 11:23:48 PM