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    John Salter

    Cash management is today's relentless focus for businesses - not just preserving it, but really making it work. I hope you find our collection of thought leadership and insight on cash and liquidity interesting, including the Financial Times new report series, A blueprint for British business. If you'd like to discuss how we can work together to maximise your cash flow management, please get in touch.


    Cash Management and Payments Director
    Lloyds Bank



    • Our Expert View

      • Headroom for expansion

        Headroom for expansion


        Forward-thinking FDs take a dynamic approach to working capital management. SIMON FRASER, Chief Credit Officer for Mid- Markets, Lloyds Bank, considers the key priorities and challenges of keeping pace with change.

      • The rise of the Renminbi

        The rise of the Renminbi


        Following the internationalisation process which started in 2009, the renminbi (RMB) is now a globally recognised currency that all are watching, tracking and tracing.

      • SEPA: beyond the end date

        SEPA: beyond the end date


        With end dates for legacy payment instruments in sight, what do corporates need to do to prepare themselves for the switchover to single euro payments area (SEPA) instruments?

      • The payments revolution

        The payments revolution


        A dynamic change in the evolution of mobile and contactless payments is underway. Kevin Coles explains the growing attractions.

      • Maximising returns

        Maximising returns


        Even when you’ve excess cash, it’s not easy to maximise returns on your deposits with today’s low rates. John Ramage explains a strategy to get more value from your cash.

      • The drive towards treasury efficiency

        The drive towards treasury efficiency


        Technology is providing some of the most useful new tools for today’s cash managers. John Salter looks at how to realise that potential.

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