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     1) PROTECT YOUR PAYMENTS  New Message  

     27 July 

    Most fraud occurs when only one person controls the end to end payment process. If this can be managed within your business we recommend you:

    Set up Dual Approval - All payments need to be authorised by two people who have logged in separately, giving you an extra layer of control.
    Disable Self Approval and activate Freeze Batch – Disabling Self Approval and activating Freeze Batch within Account Management ensures a minimum of two individuals are involved in payment creation/approval, reducing the possibility of fraud.

    If you think either of these features would be useful within your business please ask your Service Administrator to set it up. For step by step guidance on how to do this up please click here.



    27 July   


    From time to time we will send you emails but will never send you an email asking you to enter your login, account or personal details.

    Don’t click on links within emails unless you know they’re genuine. Fraudsters often send emails which look like they’re from a genuine organisation but the links or attachments contain a malicious download

    If you receive a fraudulent email, forward it as an attachment to emailscams@lloydsbanking.com then delete it immediately.

    For more information on phishing and other types of online fraud click here.


     3) PRINTING ISSUES  Reminder Message  

    26 June   


    We are aware that following a security patch update from Microsoft a small number of clients are experiencing issues with the print functionality whilst in Payment Management.

    To rectify Microsoft have provided guidance on steps to resolve which can be located at following Microsoft support link:


    We would recommend that clients review the above Microsoft update with their technical support before making any changes to ensure the proposed resolution action is fully understood. If you need any further information on the above update please contact Microsoft.

    If you are unable to apply the resolution from Microsoft and are still experiencing issues with printing please try one of the following options which was previously communicated:

    Open the Payment batch, use Ctrl+P (press the "Ctrl" key at the same time as the letter "P") and the print window will open or right click on the page you want to print and select "Print..." from the menu which will open the Print window.


    4) TSB Payments      

     10 July  

    We are making some changes to Statement Narratives from 17th July 2017 and as a result you may notice a difference on Standing Order and Bill Payment transactions coming into your account from TSB.


    Payment Type 

    Current Statement Narrative  

    Narrative Following the Change 

    Standing Order

    Credit = SO

    Credit = FPI  

    Bill Payment

    Credit = BP

    Credit = FPI 



    You may also notice that payment processing times to TSB will now follow the standard Faster Payment timescales of up to a maximum of 2 hours. There are no changes to the current statement narratives for outbound payments to TSB.


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