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     1) Bank Holiday Processing Times  New Message   

     19 April  


    Monday 07 May is a Bank Holiday, and therefore a non UK payment processing day. LloydsLink Online will be available as normal through the holiday, however, certain timescales will apply for Transfers and Payments which are detailed below.


    BACS Payment Value Date      Last Processing Date      
    Tues 08 May Thur 03 May
    Wed 07 May Fri 04 May


     The Helpdesk will be closed during this period. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday 08 May at 08:00.


     2) PROTECT YOUR PAYMENTS  New Message   

     19 April  


    Most fraud occurs when only one person controls the end to end payment process. If  this can be managed  within your business we recommend you:

    Set up Dual Approval - All payments need to be authorised by two people who have logged in separately, giving you an extra layer of control.

    Disable Self Approval and activate Freeze Batch – Disabling Self Approval and activating Freeze Batch within Account Management ensures a minimum of two individuals are involved in payment creation/approval, reducing the possibility of fraud.

    If you think either of these features would be useful within your business please ask your Service Administrator to set it up. For step by step guidance on how to do this up please click here.



    19 April

    Fraudsters adjust their attacks to exploit the weakest part of any security system. We constantly review our systems to stay ahead of the fraudsters, but you need to keep up to date as well.

    How to Stay Ahead

    •    It is important that you regularly visit the website of the company which produces your operating system (e.g. Windows), browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and applications (e.g. Adobe Acrobat) to check for any patches or updates they may have issued.
    •    Review your systems on a regular basis to identify any security vulnerabilities so fraudsters cannot exploit the weakest part.
    •    We strongly recommend that your company install firewall technology, anti-virus and anti spy-ware software on all PCs or laptops that access the Internet.
    All suspicious activity should be reported to the LloydsLink online Helpdesk on 0345 900 2070 between 8:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday.

    To report fraudulent payments outside of these hours, please contact our out of hours Fraud Team on 0800 917 7017 (+44 2074 812 614 from a mobile or outside the UK).



    4) Important message for Clients using TravelLink  Reminder Message 

    17 November

    Courier limits apply – Please refer to your set up agreement. Orders placed over this limit will be rejected and could result in exchange rate losses being passed on to you.



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