• Debt Capital Markets

  • Many companies seek funding solutions through the debt capital markets in order to optimise their capital structures. Our award-winning, multi-product debt capital markets team can help provide our corporate and financial institution clients with a range of debt solutions. This means working with you to arrange, structure, execute and syndicate transactions. In addition, we have the experience to successfully deliver liability management strategies to address your needs. Just as important are our distribution capabilities, which provide you access to liquidity from a wide variety of sources to diversify your investor bases.

    Our team of experienced market professionals is organised on a global, regional and industry sector basis for corporate businesses, together with a bespoke global financial institutions unit. We can provide a consultative, innovative and solutions-based approach to debt financing, by working closely with you to identify and optimise debt solutions.



    With expertise in the public Sterling and Euro bond, MTN and US Private Placement markets and a growing presence in the public US Dollar market, we can offer your company access to long-term debt, allowing it to diversify its sources of funding to complement bank financing. In addition, we have the experience and international distribution capability to successfully deliver tailored liability management strategies. Learn more about our capabilities


    Loan syndication

    The Loan Markets team structures, arranges, prices, executes and distributes multi-lender credit facilities. We have access to a deep and geographically diverse investor base, which is fundamental to arranging appropriate funding solutions for you. Learn more about our capabilities.


    Term Securitisation

    Our Structured Securitisation Group is responsible for the origination, structuring and execution of term securitisation and covered bond transactions. We can provide you with innovative capital and funding solutions, aligned to your individual requirements.


    Conduit Securitisation

    Similarly, the Conduit Securitisation team is responsible for the origination, structuring and execution of client securitisation transactions, which are funded via the bank’s asset backed commercial paper programmes. Through asset securitisation, we may be able to offer you a flexible and alternative form of funding to bank debt and corporate bonds, with innovative financing solutions.

    If you would like more information on our Debt Capital Markets offering, please get in touch with your Lloyds Bank Relationship Director or contact us.

7/24/2014 5:06:30 AM