Welcome to Long View - The Performance Issue, Summer 2013

      It takes perseverance, forward planning and a real commitment to best practice to achieve the performance levels necessary to achieve long-term success in today’s challenging economy.


      This edition of Long View aims to inspire and inform businesses in their pursuit of high performance, providing insights to help them not just survive, but thrive.


      Editor’s Picks: We hope you find the following selection of articles helpful as you shape and realise your own business performance ambitions in the months and years ahead.



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  • Long View Summer 2013

    • Welcome


      - 30/07/2013

      DAVID OLDFIELD looks at what’s driving businesses to search for high performance.

    • Follow the leader

      Follow the leader

      - 29/07/2013

      GAVIN ESLER, award-winning broadcaster and journalist, on the secrets of great leaders.

    • Keeping ahead of the pack

      Keeping ahead of the pack

      - 29/07/2013

      Entrepreneur of the Year, COLIN STEVENS, shares the secrets of his success.

    • Leadership, leverage, results

      Leadership, leverage, results

      - 29/07/2013

      LinkedIn’s CONNIE GIBNEY discusses how they define and encourage high performance.

    • Tackling untapped potential

      Tackling untapped potential

      - 29/07/2013

      Skills champion JEREMY ANDERSON, untaps the value of workforce potential.

    • Manufacturing the future

      Manufacturing the future

      - 29/07/2013

      WILL STIRLING highlights the value of a bold outlook for the UK’s manufacturing sector.

    • Play the efficiency card

      Play the efficiency card

      - 29/07/2013

      ALLISTER MITCHELL, Lloyds Bank, discusses the latest developments for corporate cards.

    • Assets for growth

      Assets for growth

      - 29/07/2013

      MARK PARSONS shares his thoughts on what’s driving the growth of asset based lending.

    • Groundbreaking in new markets

      Groundbreaking in new markets

      - 29/07/2013

      Miller International’s JACQUI MILLER shares her top tips for success in overseas markets.

    • Global growth in the mix

      Global growth in the mix

      - 29/07/2013

      A look at how Fever-Tree is successfully targeting growth in export markets.

    • Safe and sound

      Safe and sound

      - 29/07/2013

      How A&J Mucklow, industrial property company specialist, is realising its growth ambitions.

    • The best practice challenge

      The best practice challenge

      - 29/07/2013

      RAY WILKINSON, Best Practice Club, explains how benchmarking can enhance performance.

  • Long View Winter 2012-2013

    • Mark Stokes


      - 07/12/2012

      Successful businesses are invariably those that have made themselves comfortable with the dynamics of change.

    • New regulations driving up costs

      New regulations driving up costs

      - 07/12/2012

      From April 2013 the running costs of new company cars could rise by £30 per month as a result of taxation changes announced in the March 2012 Budget.

    • World Wide Webmaster

      World Wide Webmaster

      - 07/12/2012

      LONG VIEW examines the career of Sir TIM BERNERS-LEE, the man who changed the world.

    • Going for growth

      Going for growth

      - 07/12/2012

      The current economic climate brings opportunities as well as challenges – and for strategic outsourcing and energy services company MITIE, the focus is very much on the opportunities.

    • New routes to raising finance

      New routes to raising finance

      - 07/12/2012

      A continuing focus on diversification has led many UK companies to consider alternative sources of funding. DAVID CLEARY, Lloyds Bank, analyses these funding trends.

    • Degrees of change

      Degrees of change

      - 07/12/2012

      It’s a changing landscape for higher education institutions. KEITH NORMAN explains how Lloyds Bank’s 20-year experience in the sector is rising to that challenge.

    • Changing markets

      Changing markets

      - 07/12/2012

      As traditional European markets stagnate, what is the outlook for the UK food and drink industry? CARL PARASKEVAS, Director of Sector Economics, Lloyds Bank, discusses.

    • A seamless change

      A seamless change

      - 07/12/2012

      When hospitality company Whitbread put their card processing business out to tender, the enhanced MI offered by Lloyds TSB Cardnet made it clear they had found an ideal partner.

    • The challenge of change

      The challenge of change

      - 07/12/2012

      Customers are changing far faster than the organisations that serve them explains DR NICOLA MILLARD, Customer Experience Futurologist at BT.

    • The courage to think long

      The courage to think long

      - 07/12/2012

      Adventurous companies need time, says SIMON WALKER, Director General, Institute of Directors, to cultivate growth in new, unfamiliar markets.

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