• In-depth analysis

        Led by Chief Economist and Shadow Monetary Policy Committee member Trevor Williams, this team is dedicated to providing up to the minute, in-depth analysis of a wide range of economic, financial and industry issues.

        Award-winning insight

        When it comes to tackling the impact of changing market conditions, knowledge really is power. Voted the 2012 top UK economic forecasters by Bloomberg, for the second consecutive year, our experts are an extension of our partnership ethos – working alongside customers to inform their business strategies.

        Supporting business

        Our team of economists provide regular updates and reports covering a range of issues, including: 

        • Proprietary data
        • Global research
        • UK research
        • Topical reports

        Available online, these can support our customers’ business decisions and risk management strategies.

        As well as being regular contributors to both national and international financial media, our customers can access the team’s insights on shifting economic issues through a range of publications.

    • Our Economics Research team has decades of experience in analysing and interpreting economic issues of key significance to your business. Their knowledge and insight can help inform the decisions you make about your ongoing business strategy. Why not find out a little more about our team?
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