•  Stefan Friedhoff Carlo Eastwood 

    Construction & Waste – Sector focus

    Author: Stefan Friedhoff and Carlo Eastwood, Relationship Directors
    Publication date: 01.08.2010

    The UK’s public infrastructure sector is battling with uncertainty. While the recent general election was of interest to everyone in commerce, it was of particular concern to those involved in public infrastructure projects. Clearly, spending cuts are on the way. All that’s left to debate is where they’re likely to be felt most.

    Ensuring that Lloyds Banking Group continues to support customers’ live transactions will be vital, as will be working with them to address their concerns about a potential slowdown in business as a result of policy or legislative changes.

    Adapting to change 

    The main issue for our customers is that we continue to react to changing circumstances in a timely way. If new legislation forces contractors to alter the way they fund deals, we’ll be the first to see that any changes are reflected in new financing frameworks. We are committed to ensuring that clients can continue to reach financial closure.

    We have been involved in some significant transactions recently, including leading the financing of the M25 PFI, which closed last year, and the financing in 2010 of the Southmead Hospital PFI in Bristol.

    A partner in uncertain times 

    In this unpredictable climate, our focus in the coming months will be to ensure that we continue to play a key role as project finance partner with all our construction and waste sector customers, and to continue to provide top-tier support to parent entities.

    Source: This article was first published in Lloyds Banking Group - Perspective Magazine Edition 2.


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