• Bonds

    Our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) team provides a solutions-based approach to debt financing, with expertise in the public Sterling and Euro bond, MTN and US Private Placement markets, as well as a growing presence in the public US Dollar market. We specialise in six key areas:


    The Corporate DCM team has built a top-tier European bond franchise with a solid and proven track record in structuring and executing bond transactions for our corporate clients, using a comprehensive sector approach.

    Our debt market origination and pan-European distribution capabilities provide access to additional sources of liquidity in the Sterling and Euro bond markets. Our teams consistently facilitate capital raisings from £50m to £1bn+.


    Financial Institutions (FI)

    The FI DCM team works alongside Relationship Management to assist Lloyds’ financial institution clients, including banks, building societies, non-bank financials, insurers and specialist funds on capital and fund raising options across bonds and hybrids.



    The team is organised geographically and by sector with specific product specialists covering hybrid capital, capital regulations, structuring and ratings.


    MTN & Private Placements

    The MTN & Private Placements team provides our financial and corporate clients with access to the MTN investor base for vanilla as well as structured private placements.


    US Private Placement (USPP)

    For companies that require smaller, discreet amounts of funding, the USPP market may offer competitively priced medium to long-term debt financing with buy-and-hold investors.

    The majority of issuers in this market don’t have public credit ratings. Lloyds leads USPP investors in their credit analysis and, therefore, these investors are able to understand companies that may be less able to access finance themselves in the public bond markets.


    Alternatively, Lloyds works with companies that have access to the public bond market but choose to access the USPP market in order to access US Dollar liquidity without the regulatory burden of the public US Dollar markets.


    Liability Management

    Our dedicated Liability Management (LM) team helps corporate and financial institution borrowers with the structuring and execution of debt refinancing and debt restructuring transactions to help them optimise economic, financial flexibility, capital structure as well as regulatory capital objectives.


    The customised solutions designed by the LM group include debt-for-debt exchange offers, debt-for-equity exchange offers, cash tender offers and consent solicitations. 

    US Dollar Market

    Lloyds Securities Inc. (LSI) – our new broker-dealer entity in the United States – enables us to deal with US domestic investors on a direct basis, rather than using a third-party broker-dealer. This will broaden the service provided to corporate and financial institution clients that have a need for US Dollar products. 




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